Witch bottles for sale!

Are you plagued by terrible images when scrying?

Are uninvited guests crossing your threshold?

Are other witches, wizards and warlocks out to get you?

Do you need to counteract harmfull spells?

Then look no futher!

Buy one of our hand-crafted witch bottles!

Every one made by one of our skilled technicians. Hand picked for you depending on your precise needs and requirements. Each and every one of them has a magical speciality.

All bottles come with full instructions, including iron, salt, nails, broken glass (please take care when opening your package) and a free spade.

Guaranteed to protect against

... magical attack.

... evil spirits.

... warts.

... spells of any kind.

... any and all kind of magical nasties that want to do you harm.

Our witch bottles are your perfect magical defense.

All you have to do is ...

... add a few personal items.

... and bury your with bottle away from prying eyes.

... ideally when the moon is full.

Well! What do you think?

Catchy well written copy? Or usefless fluff?

V. turns her nose up when I try writing copy like this, and suggests that I moonlight writing for some of the less scrupulous websites and that the term 'useless fluff' don't cover the half of it.

My talents are wasted.

So this is a pretend demo page for Vivienne;)

I have to say, in part motivated by my recent experiences creating and using witch bottles, but also because I like playing when I'm not doing the day job.

There is someone who might like this kind of thing, but I along with V. burnt my bridges somewhat a few weeks back at an industry do regarding any moonlighting in that direction.

We don't actually sell witch bottles on this site or any other. You can probably buy them from e-bay, but TBH it is probably better and more effective to make your own.

And if we did, our page woudn't look like this:)

Cos. V. don't like it!