The bank. And why I had to go ...

Well, hello everyone, this is one of my first posts on, a website I've put together as a kind of on-line diary to keep me sane over the coming months, years or decades.

As mentioned frequently on this website, I had to leave the cushy job working for a bank in central London, due to several unfortunate incidents.

I worked in the city. If you've never worked there, or never worked in one of the splooshy buildings, let me tell you they are all they are cracked up to me.

They reek of money, opulence, corruption and power.

You need to be a certain type of person to fit in and thrive.

I wasn't, aren't and didn't.

I can only refer tangentially to the state of affairs that caused my precipitous departure due to on-going legal action, and the need to preserve my anonymity.

I was a grunt working in the IT department of said den of iniquity, but one of the few who actually understood firstly how the internet works and secondly how the banking systems fit together.

I was asked to amend a few records, late at night in return for a bonus. The bonus wasn't particularly large, but it was paid in cash and might look suspicious.

I didn't think anything of it. I had even foolishly used my own login details to access the database. I should've used the ID and password of one of the managers, who had stupidly used his name followed by the number one as his password and capitalised the first letter. Who would ever guess that?

Unfortunately, I didn't, and it transpired over the fullness of time, that these amended records were relevant to a large fraud that was being investigated.

I had been naive, unthinking or perhaps if you are uncharitable complicit in a fraud, so I decided to act.

Audit trails mean nothing if you understand how to manipulate the system, change the relevant databases, delete the backups and the rest, things which naturally I did.

Unfortunately, this led to a localised banking failure lasting for some hours. Fingers were pointed. Blame was apportioned, and as I could hardly reveal why I had tampered with the system, I was out on my proverbial.

Not only was I out of work, but my name was mud in the banking world. I was the idiot who had deleted a load of backups (oops), and crashed the current databases.

I was never going to get another job in the banking world, and worse had to remove my previous few years experience from my C.V.

This set of circumstances led to me working for a witch setting up and growing the internet side of the business.

Strange but true.

People occasionally ask what I do (in that irritating middle class way), and I tell them I work for an internet startup but signed a Non Dislosure Agreement covering everything.

It beats admitting I work implementing websites relating to spell casting, clairvoyance, psychics, fortune tellers and other mystical shenanigans.

I no longer see my old colleagues from the bank.