Who is Vivienne?

As I allude to frequently in my ramblings, Vivienne is a witch of sorts.

She is also my employer.

I am not a mage or magician but rather a wizard in the technical sense. I program using PHP, javascript, HTML and a variety of databases.

I don't believe in magic, witchcraft or any mumbo-jumbo and mystical hocus-pocus, but still I'm working for a witch.

I was in desperate need of a job, having lost my previous well-paid, cushy number working for a bank. This was due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, which I still don't accept as being my fault. Nevertheless, it had seemed prudent to remove the previous two years working in the bank from my C.V.

The hole in my C.V. (I replaced the bank with travelling), coupled with the recession, meant that I wasn't being interviewed.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, I was increasingly desperate and I spotted a job advertisement for a small on-line entrepreneurial business.

I didn't know the subject matter of the business at the time (spellcasting, witchery and assorted magical gubbins).

I applied for the job. I was ideally suited to it as a skillset was required that most people would not have (including an interest and knowledge of forgotten scripts), in addition to the usual IT knowledge.

At the time it seemed like the most amazing set of conincidences, but now I am not so convinced that concidence can't be manipulated.

I was interviewed by Vivienne in a coffee shop in Camden. I say interviewed, but that isn't really true. It was as if she had already decided to employ me, and the interview was a mere formality.

I can't 'describe how she looks in any detail for several reasons:

Firstly, both Vivenne and the coven know about these pages, and I suspect read them.

Hi Viv. Hello Coven.

Secondly, most of what I write is for want of a better word, 'real', meaning I can't describe anyone in any identifiable way. No-one wants to be identified as a witch from an internet page.

I don't (really) believe in magic, and probably you don't either, but some people get worked up about anyone who is different or pursue different careers "Haters gonna hate" and all that.

The only thing I can say is that all the witches I have now met have the most startling (and attractive) eyes. I haven't come across many wizards as yet as my dealings have all been with Vivienne, her coven and one or two priestessess of various hues), so I don't know if the eye thing is general.

Back to Vivienne, who is my employer and also in her eyes my mentor. She is a witch, and considers the magical world to include angels, spirits, clairvoyancy, psychics, fortune telling and so on. These beliefs are as real to her as the world in which I live. It can make for confusing conversations.

What else do I know about her?

She is an astute businesswoman, and intends to improve and grow her various business ventures using the internet.

She has been extremely reticent about her past, a trait which I can sympathise with, and is still something of an enigma to me.

She moves in mysterious ways, as befits her profession, and is sometimes in the office and sometimes not. I know that she sometimes sees clients, but not who, where, when or why.

I don't know where she lives, whether she has a family or much about her other than tantalising snippets that I've picked up through coven gossip.

I'm normally extremely good and finding out about people (skills learnt in a past life), but have discovered nothing about her at all. It is as if she is a ghost.

The business is real though.