Witchy SEO. Intro

As you may or may not know, for my day job, I work for a witch called Vivienne , and grow and run her on-line suite of websites.

This is one of those cases where fact is stranger than fiction. I lost my job in a banking crash, and ended up changing direction - to put it mildly. A smattering of the websites on the internet to do with psychics, clairvoyants, readers, angels and spirits have our fingerprints over them.

Conversely, this website is a bit of a hobby, where I can write about the events in my life, often related to my work, but not always. A place of sanity and refuge where I can escape from the maelstrom of assorted psychics, magicians and readers with whom I have to work every single day. Apart from weekends;)

I wondered if an old school design of website, where fact and fiction collide, a place telling tales of magic, witches and covens, text heavy and picture light, could attact an interested audience.

If you are interested in website analysis, in particular pertaining towards the mystical, follow along here where I will occasionally add updates if there is anything interesting to note.

The first thing that you might be wondering, especially if you are of the geekish inclination, and it is an obvious question, is why aren't I using wordpress everywhere?

There are a lot of advantages to wordpress. It's easy to use, it's 'a decent content management system, and using a theme like Genesis enable you to do on-page SEO easily enough.

The answer, is that, and this is the trend nowadays, is often wordpress encourages lots of pictures and little text. There is a trend towards more style than substance, and maybe less information and more pictures.

I came across an old school site the other day. The subject matter wasn't really my thing (hunting, shooting, fishing) but I loved the old school retro design.

There were few pictures.

But there were stories, and long, long posts written with knowledge and interest. It encouraged browsing, and not with 'featured posts'.

And it made me nostalgic, for websites that don't all have the same, glossy and generic wordpress appearance.

I want to get back to basics. In programming terms, I'm more of a c programmer than for example, ruby on rails. A wizard. It will just be me, some basic html (I'm using a dead simple responsive boilerplate) and the words that I string together. Presumably plus a sprinkling of javascript - I am a programmer after all.

Wordpress makes it to easy to rely on images. Just stick a cute picture of a kitten in front of your post, and write a few hundred words and you are done. OK. I'm being slightly tongue in cheek, but you can see where I'm going with this.

I don't need to worry about length of articles - even on mobile devices. There is one considerable advantage to using boilerplate html over content management systems like wordspress, and that is speed. There is no php being executed in order to build and serve a page, and bandwidth will be low as I'm not including very few images. (Google ads not included!)

Read my stories, tales, fact, fiction, information and more throughout.