More scrying fun

As you probably know, I scry regularly and the process hasn't always been smooth. I need to master the technique, so that I don't have to worry about mirrors, but that's a story for another day.

Recently dots of different shapes, sizes and hues have been bothering me when I scry.

So naturally I asked V, who rolled her eyes ...

"You rolled your eyes?"

V nodded.


"If scrying was easy, then everyone would be doing it. Practice the exercises that I have taught you, and with time you will get better. The dots are caused by your mind drifting."

I absorbed these harsh words from V. Sulkily.

"Stop sulking and and tell me how our online scrying pages are coming on. And have we outranked Mr X for scrying related bits n bobs?"

The witch business is fiercely competitive and that is the same both online and back in the real world where the competition is more in your face. Witchy SEO is my bread and butter, and every time that I manage to outrank the competition it gives me and V. bragging rights.

Mr X (not his real name - obvs) is a shadowy figure. Neither me, not V, nor any members of the coven book group have any real idea who he (or she) is, but he or she is responsible for some of the biggest on-line magical operations.

I've tried to locate Mr X using traditional techniques, whois, sql injections on his sites and so on, with no success. I have seen his fingerprints (metaphorically) speaking in our server logs, so he is checking us out as well.

Although, V doesn't know this (unless she reads this page), I've also been trying to get a handle on Mr X through scrying. This is partly why the dots have been such a pain in the bum bum. It's like I'm being blocked or jammed when I get too close.

Don't worry though dear reader. I will find him or her. I am extremely good at what I do, which is why it is strange that Mr X has managed to elude me for so long.

I answered V:

"Obvs. One of our scrying sites has been around for over a year, left the google sandbox and is now outranking Mr/Mrs X for some of the long tail searches."

"The signs are good that we will continue to move up in the rankings"

You know that I don't believe in magic? Don't you? But just in case I've included some magical counter measures on the site - also known as virtual witch bottles.

OK so you've read this far, and are (if you know anything about internet marketing) probably wondering why we are so interested in ranking for scrying. There isn't a lot of money in it, related merchandise or general kudos

The answer is that we too are fiercely competitive, and some time back, at one of our industry events before it ended (badly) the 'scrying seo challenge' was laid down.