Mirror Scrying For Beginners

“Once upon a time, someone worked happily for the IT department of a big bank. He was well paid, engaged to a posh home counties girl, had a flat in the city and life was rosy. Due to some unfortunate life choices, he is now single, living in a hovel, working for a witch, running her online biz and now learning to scry. For reasons unknown.”

I read what I had just written and sighed. Yep. That was my life compressed into a few words. I was

V. who was in the office with me, briefly stopped talking on her phone, and pointed at the final sentence.

“Don’t you mean attractive/hot witch?”

And then:

"I wondered when you would stop resisting the siren call of the mirror."

I'd written the last line about scrying without thinking, so maybe it was a plea for help from my subconscious, a desperate call for help when the rational conscious side thought well meh.

The thing is, I've had problems with mirrors for some time, and the first time it became obvious was when I visited a voodoo princess - not that the voodoo princess bit is particularly relevant, when for want of a better way to put it, it seemed that a mirror spoke to me.

I'd prefer to say that I suffered an auditory hallucination than a mirror spoke to me - patronisingly - as it happens, but I've had similar experiences and so ...

... as a manner of controlling my subconscious, I'm learning to scry. Not that I believe. It. Is. Real.

"Are you using a black obsidian mirror for scrying or something more basic", asks V. as if it were the most natural topic of conversation in the world.

And so I told her, and I guess am telling you, as you are reading.

Hi! Whoever you are. Thanks for reading this and easing the burden.

So scrying. I'd googled a bit, but not too much to be honest, as I don't trust much of what I read on the internet. Most site are selling you something. Click on this link. Buy the scrying mirror I recommend. Etc.

And I discovered you could scry with a normal mirror, water in a bowl, or black obsidian and it was more effective with a full moon. Well, the full moon may or may not make a difference, but I've already been spoken to by a mirror, so didn't worry too much about that, water is too wet and I don't have an obsidian mirror.

I have a small shaving mirror. Not very mystical but needs must and all that.

I also read about the techniques used to scry successfully. As usual with the internet, these are heavy on generalisations (enter a trance) and lite on details (how to do this successfuly).

So, I'll tell you how I understand scrying, along the corrections/guidance given to me my V. and just how freaky it is (speaking as a scientist). Normally V. tells me to keep the details to myself, but either you can scry or you can't (says she) and if you can the techniques you use are not hugely important.

I hope you are paying attention, because here it gets complicated.

There are two aspects to scrying. The first is to achieve a meditational state where your minds eye is projected onto the medium that you are using (whether that be black obsidian, water or what not), and the second is to make contact with 'beings' through this medium.

As you might guess, from the general aspect of this website, it's part two that I struggle with ...

... however, I'm going to tell you my experiences as I've lived them and you can judge me as you will.

A meditational state, as I understand it, occurs when you are not thinking of anything. Your mind is quiet. Or in computer terms quiescent. No thoughts flicker too and fro - what am I going to eat tonight, I deserve a pay rise, what am I doing with my life, why did Cassandra leave me and so on. Your thoughts will undoubtedly differ from mine, but you get the picture.

The way to obtain this state, or the method that works all too well for me, is too go to work.


No. It is to focus on breathing. I think it's called tan tien breathing. You focus on a point just above your navel. Breath in. Focus. Breath out. Focus. Pay attention to the points in between breaths, to that moment of stillness when you float in nothingness.

The minds eye sounds all mystical but it isn't. Close your eyes and visualise something. Anything. This is your minds eye (V. told me this).

So you have breathing, the minds eye and your scrying mirror, and the aim of part one of the scrying process is to displace your minds eye from behind your eyes somewhere to the mirror.

Easy for some. Difficult for others. Too easy for me. I only have to look at a mirror without thinking and I start to drift, fall and sink into it.

Up until this point, I like the idea of scrying. It's all very therapeutic. If (unlike yours truly) you have difficulty light candles, play calming music, try scrying at the witching hour when the moon is full.

OK. So now we arrive at part two.

I paused before telling V, not because I was worried that she wouldn't believe me but because she would, and images described become more real, and the images I see are not puppies and kittens lying by a hearth.

I must have sighed as V. encouraged me gently to continue (most unlike her normal way of being). Gentle.

And so, I described what I see (sounding a bit like someone from a third rate horror film), but I was a bit over-wrought and not my normal phlegmatic self.

I see stick figures. I see skeletons. I see a dog with three heads. I see plagues, pestilence and death. I see deserted churches, isolated graveyards, twisted yew-trees, mist and ...

V. held up a hand, and stopped me in mid flow.

"I find it difficult to believe that Cerberus, the hound of Hades would leave his post to visit you in a mirror"

"And as for the rest ..."

"Everything you see is genuine. You have the gift or maybe curse of being a natural at scrying. But it is important to learn to control the beings that you allow into your minds-eye."

She proceedd to use the analogy of a television, and being a modern witch actually used words like streaming, netflix and digital media. To be fair, she realised that I was a bit freaked out and was using my language to help me feel comfortable.

It worked.

You turn on the TV. If one channel doesn't float your boat, what do you do? You change channels. Obvs.

Scrying is the 'mystical' equivalent, and as a beginner I was jammed on the channel streaming horror movies.

Nothing to worry about. Disconcerting but peachy.

And then, V. reminded me about witch bottles.

"Remember when we were talking about witch bottles? AKA counter magical protection?"

How could I forget?

"You need to make a general purpose witch bottle for protection while you are starting on your journey."

"Journey? Where am I going?"

"I was speaking metaphorically. The journey is one of discovery as you learn to scry. Although you have a totally undeserved talent, you are vulnerable and need both protection and focus."

Of course, I asked why I was seeing these images, and this was her response.

When someone learns to scry, it is quite common for mischievous or bored spirits to send them terrifying images just for a laugh. Vivienne didn't say 'just for a laugh', using more witchy language, but that's the essence of what she said.

And a strategically placed witch bottle would theoretically banish these images, allow me to focus, and over time achieve something useful from scrying. I'll keep you posted.

"I'm also going to suggest that you practice scrying with an obsidian mirror and water."

"What's wrong with using a shaving mirror?"

V looked at me seriously, after a long pause, saying "It's not very mystical is it".

Was that a joke? I'd say it was pretty lame given the cirumstances. BTW. V read this later, she can't resist reading my pages, and said that 'Yes. It was in fact a joke".

"An obsidian black mirror to all intents and purposes doesn't reflect light. The spirits that are plaguing your scrying attempts are weak and use available light as an energy source to create the visions that you see. Using an obsidian mirror requires more control and energy from you, and makes it much harder for these creatures to interfere."

"Also ", and this made me shiver "you have a history with mirrors, so lets do what I suggest, shall we?"

"Tomorrow, we will make witch bottles together", spoken to me like I was a toddler.

"I don't mind, and in fact totally encourage scrying in your spare time, but I don't want you distracted by these spirits or maybe even the competition and not working effectively on SEO." - dramatic sigh.

I am of course, employed to run V's internet biz and carry out any witchy SEO that is needed. The witchery, witch bottles, mirrors, dreams and scrying have come into my life neither invited nor intended.

Competition? I wondered aloud, but V. was on the phone, and by the time I thought to ask her again, I was on my way home.

Witchbottles and scrying. Life's intense when you do SEO for a witch:)