Free psychic readings

Get your completely free psychic reading here from our online psychic practitioner (Lizzie).

How our practitioner works

As you may have guessed by now, the reason these psychic readings are completely free is because our psychic is composed of ones and zeros.

Our psychic is a computer program.

And not a particularly sophisticated one at that.

Let us assume our psychic or spirit guide is a woman. Lizzie. She uses Barnum statements as described so elegantly in the wiki entry.

The Barum effect is the observation that people in general will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality, supposedly tailored towards them but are in fact vague enough to apply to almost anyone.

And so Lizzie will make statements such as:

At times you have serious doubts as to whether you have made the right decision or done the right thing.

Well who hasn't had serious doubts at some time?

So, don't take anything that Lizzie says seriously. She is (as are so many other pages on this website) only a bit of fun.

Are Online Psychics real?

Depending on the answers that you give to the fake online psychic above, it may seem like you are given real free psychic readings, or absolute rubbish.

Maybe your readings in the fake psychic session seemed real? Statistics show, that betwen twenty-five to thirty percent of visits to this page, have a seance which seems believable.

These numbers are good considering that a real psychic has the advantage of being able to read body language, or judge age and appearance. The computer psychic doesn't have that luxury.

A real, or should I say, physical psychic has these advantages.

Lizzie, as she is called, uses probability to increase her likelihood of success. Almost sixteen percent of mens names begin with the letter 'J'.

If you are asked by Lizzie, or any other free online psychic, whether you know:

a man whose name begins with the letter J'

the psychic has an almsot 16 percent chance of being correct.

If your (real)! free online psychic asks in your reading:

'whether you know someone whoses name begins with J',

the chances of the psychic being correct rise to an amazing 26 percent. Belief encourages belief, and once the online psychic has answered one question correctly, you want to believe more.

It is for exactly same reason, that Lizzie states:

You don't work in an office or as a cashier do you?

Statistically, these are the most common jobs, and she has included two of the in one statement just to increase her chances of success.

And if you don't work in an office, or know someone whose name begins with 'J', then you will be told something similar to:

I thought not or The spirits told me that you didn't.

So with Barnum statements, a little probability, some psychology and additionally in a real psychic session, appearance and body language, the fake psychic can go far.

Only you can decide whether or not to believe an online psychic reading. This one is a work of fiction.

I have an open mind about many things, but psychic reading online? Surely, there has to be a connection of some sort for a reading to be able to take place.

Are psychics real?

Everyone has there own ideas on this.

Being clairvoyant and being psychic overlap, but when we think about psychics, we think about messages from the dead and so on.

I don't believe psychics can talk to the dead, and I don't believe psychics can predict the future.

What do we really know about psychics?

We know that psychics are extremely good at reading people. They are often extremely intuitive individuals.

We know that they talk in generalities (Barnum statements). Watch any psychic on the television, or at work and they all work in the same way, using general statements to guide and lead people.

We know that their results never stand up to scientific scrutiny. We know that they can't tell you the numbers to the lottery.

But, and this is a big but, not everything is easily explainable by normal scientific principles. (Synchronicity which happens to me too often for me to disregard it completely.)

I'm not convinced by psychics in general, but that doesn't mean that I don't think that some sort psychic ability is real. I hope to be able to explore this on

Is there a point where intuition and ESP overlap? I think that will be an interesting area to explore on this website. Is it possible for people with a certain power and training to pick up on information that the rest of us can not access?

I don't mean mind reading, but a blurring between intuition and extra sensory perception, like the borderline between sleep and wakefulness when we lucid dream.