Vampires, the undead and naming

I don't know why it is, but Mondays often bring the strangest characters into my working life, or should I say my working life with Viviennne.

Nothing much ever happened in the bank on a Monday. People were subdued from the weekend which in banking terms either started on Thursday or at the latest Friday afternoon.

I'm talking about in the city (of London). Big financial institutions know how to look after their own.

But in the more mundane world of witchery and magic (ha) Mondays have often been more eventful than I would want.

As you are probably aware, I work for a witch (wheher she has real or imaginary powers depends on your belief system), and I'm writing this late at night as I sit at home looking at the others, shadows towards the train track writing this.

Recently I have had trouble sleeping and been plagued by strange dreams, and so I often add entries to this site at night avoiding bed until I have no choice.

It is theraputic writing on these pages which have become my diary, when London is quiet and the streets are empty.

On Monday, V. strutted into the office and ommitting the pleasantries, launched into an (unwanted) lecture about the power of names, naming and control through magical methods.

Since deciding to become my mentor (as well as employer), she has taken to dropping pearls of wisdom in my direction with alarming frequency.

I generally ignore them while thinking about other matters. I'd got this down to a fine art while enjoying my (brief) career in the bank - before being asked to leave. Face interested. Mind blank.

But actually this interested me. I'm interested in numerology (in which naming has importance) and recently added a name number calculator to

"So" I clarified "A vampire will seek to control a person through his name and everyone has a vampire name which enables this control".

"Yes" said V. as if to a child trying and failing to count beans.

"The vampire relationship is master/slave and naming is part of this control. Obv".


"And vampires are real?". I said incredulously.

"Naturally, but they don't drink blood"

I've always suspected that V. is completely bonkers (although nevertheless an extremely successfull businesswoman), so I was pleasantly surprised on hearing that she didn't believe in Dracula and his merry men.

"They feed on your psychic energy - which is in some ways worse."

"Haven't you every noticed that when some people enter a room energy levels fall?"

"Now most psychic vampires don't know what they are doing. They are unconscious of this ability. The dangerous ones are those who know what they are doing."

Vivienne then continued to explain that conscious psychic vampires will feed on your energy making you feel weak, tired and flu-like.

I hesitated on hearing this. Maybe I've been working for V. for too long, but this made a certain sense to me. We have all met people who seem to drain us off energy (my old boss in the bank being a case in point), and maybe psychic vampires are just an extension of this.

"... and you need to learn to protect yourself from them."

"especially as I need you to collect a manuscript from one of the most powerfull."

It is funny really, but six months ago, I'd have laughed if someone had told me I needed to protect myself from enegry zapping vamps, but now I don't know.

"Um". I said.

It's late so I'll finish this tomorrow. In case you are wondering why I haven't used a blog, it's because I'm a geek and need to be able to play on


Vampire name generator chatbot (V1.0)