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If you work in an IT support dept, and you have just had enough of unreasonable user demands.

Generate your excuse

Discover the power of a good techno excuse. Ph34r teh excuse m4k32!

Back in the day, I worked in the IT industry (banking). I am using the word worked in the loosest sense, as in spending time running severs and so on.

We always needed excuses.

Have you any idea how much effort goes into finding a suitable excuse for unplugging a server, or the deletion of a mail directory?

E.g. 'dynamic software linking table corrupted causing unstable upgrade path.' or 'it was probably caused by windows service pack x'. Always one of my favourites and sometimes true.

Yep, it is not easy running networks and helping users.

It takes time away from important things, such as removing prawn from work stations.

Ph33r no more.

For your delight, delectation and general time saving, I've just finished the IT Excuse Generator. If you don't have a real job, I don't know maybe you're a politician or something, it won't be that useful.

But don't worry I'll add a little something for you later. Perhaps a reason I've fiddled my expenses generator???! Or maybe something for the bankers ...

If you are not sure about the efficacy of this Name Maker, check out the testimonials below.

w00t w00t.

Testimonials from IT depts wordlwide.

Strangely the sysadmins who contributed have asked to remain anonymous.

But it is a fact that their productivity has improved massively since using the IT Excuse Generator.

And speaking personally if I still worked in IT, at the cutting edge (instead of for V), I would use this site daily.

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