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It happens to us all. That presentaion, piece of homework, important document hasn't been done. Lazy?? No, but still an excuse is needed. So click here.

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Remember. Never do today what you can do later.

Back in the day, I worked in the (IT industry) and excuses were necessary.

But I've also done other jobs. Not a career as such, but I've normally been in work.

They are more like stories than exucses. Everyone is a winner.

If you don't believe this Excuse Maker is the one for you, check out the testimonials below. Everyone genuine with a cast-iron guarantee.

No hax 2 phat.

Phat Boy

Ph33r no more.

Testimonials from the work-shy worldwide.

Strangely these excuse generator users have remained anonymous.

Is it because they are disorganized, workshy and lazy individuals??

No. They have better things to do with their time than whatever they are supposed to be doing betwwen 9 and 5.

Happy days.