Magic and spells

Are you a believer? Do you want to be? Should you be?

Free love spells that work Is anything free anymore? Was it ever?

Free love spells, money spells , millionaire spells and windfall spells cast by ADA. Our resident witch.

After an introdiction to the Tarot, V. tells me to test white magic love spells.

A page showing my various spell page attempts. Demo ideas for various spellcasting websites. Mainly rejected by Vivienne.

Green candle spells. Energy from flames and graphics cards:)

Spellcasting for beginners Vivienne decides that it is time for me to get real.

A simple prosperity spell. Back to the black cat for another brush with Maryanna. Names changed for my own safety.

Voodoo love spells My (first) visit to a voodoo priestess.

Witchcraft spells in Latin and a visit to the British Musuem.