Magic, casting and spells

Are you a believer? Do you want to be? Should you be?

Free love spells that work Is anything free anymore? Was it ever?

Free love spells, money spells , millionaire spells and windfall spells cast by ADA. Our resident witch.

After an introdiction to the Tarot, V. tells me to test white magic love spells.

A page showing my various spell page attempts. Demo ideas for various spellcasting websites. Mainly rejected by Vivienne.

Green candle spells. Energy from flames and graphics cards:)

Spellcasting for beginners Vivienne decides that it is time for me to get real.

A simple prosperity spell. Back to the black cat for another brush with Maryanna. Names changed for my own safety.

An brief update on my prosperity spell.

Voodoo love spells My (first) visit to a voodoo priestess.

Witchcraft spells in Latin and a visit to the British Musuem.

The most powerful love spell in the world, and other tall tales.