Green candle spells

Magic, or so I am told, is about intent and energy.

But ...

what ...

is ...


I have quiet days, just like in any normal IT type job, and nothing particular to write about. I like these quiet days as I get to play and obsess over things (such as javascript).

One of V’s sites, sells spells or rather advertises the services of spellcasters who cast the spells. These are chosen from a group of witches who work with V (not a coven as they don't hang out together). I can’t vouch for their efficacy, as I’m a man of science. Admittedly there are areas in my life that I can’t yet explain (mirrors, dreams and the others), but that doesn’t mean I believe in everything V. tells me.

Anyway, one of the witches, is particularly fond of candle spells of various types.

These type of spells and rituals are old as the hills (and now I think about it I’ve cast two (no success as yet with the second), and lack of interest with the first. Thinking about it I've cast a third, which goes to show how important candles are to spellcasting. I don't believe in augury, bewitchment or alchemy of any cast and yet due to circumstances I've cast three candle spells over the past months.

I’m a geek, and obviously want to make our candle pages stand out from the crowd, which also gives me a bit of time to play with javascript.

I don’t know if you are the same, but I always need an aim to learn something new or improve a skill, and it is the same with coding.

The green flame on the right hand side is my first and not particularly sophisticated attempt using particles, and is as you may guess designed to represent a green candle, or more accurately the flame emanating from a green candle. And yes, some green candles not only look green, but can also burn and flicker with an intense dark green colour.

Enough of the normal IT slant, and onto the witchy side of the equation - which may or may not interest you.

I showed V. my first attempt of the webpage chock full of candle spells, incantations, charms and the rest, along with a variety of burning candles (all green as I was still playing with the code).

“Not bad. Not bad at all. That will do nicely if we hide some incantations within the text”

“You like it?” I was slightly taken aback.

"The candles are very clever - although I assume it was a lucky guess”

“Lucky guess?? I’ve used l33t programming skills to get the flame animations silky smooth, and the smoke so goddam cool - even on some of those rubbish chipsets on cheap phones ...”

V. held up her hand to silence me, and I felt a lecture coming on - quite interesting as it happens.

“When flames burn brightly, energy is released and with the energy comes power, which added to intent enables us to focus our will ...”

She continued:-

“and that is also what is happening on the candle pages due to the increased use of the GPU leading to increased power being channeled ...”

“... I assume that you understand the basic mechanisms by which computer graphics work ...”

I stared at her astonished. I wondered if she had got the jargon from the coven book group, after all Mayanna attended, and no-one wanted to lose face in that nest of vipers. I know. I have to take part when we host :(

Obviously, I can join the dots as to why candle animations release energy, and as I know, and if you've made it this far, then I can only assume that you want to know to.

Anyway, it's late at night, and I need something to keep my mind of the dreams I'm worried about having.

Graphics hit the processor hard due to the calculations performed when moving images around the screen, manipulating images in 3D and um drawing green candles.

It is for this reason that almost all computers have a GPU (graphical processing unit) either on a separate card or separate chip to the main CPU, and it is used to perform the maths and calculations needed to display these fancy images.

If you have ever looked at a high powered, high end graphics card, you will often notice a large fan bolted to the side, used to cool it down and dissipate heat.

I’ve heard some really fancy graphics cards are water cooled, but I don’t move in those circles.

But what of my candles?

Well, V. was alluding to the fact, that any extra graphical images shown and manipulated will be using more electricity which is of course a form of energy.

Candles burning on a computer screen, increase the energy used by the computer and so could be said to be burning energy.

When a real candle is lit, the flame (controlled by the wick in a self sustaining reaction) burns the wax releasing energy in the form of heat and light. This releases energy for your spell casting.

Pretty neat.

I like the symmetry of this.

Finally, the hidden incantations (presumably designed to build trust in a page), would be written in white text on a white background and so invisible to the naked eye.

Even if you believe in magic, the burning :) question is whether the power used would be sufficient to allow incantations to function properly?

V seems to think so ...