Did my prosperity spell work?

I cast my prosperity spell as explained by Maryanna.

I cast it from home, and late the other night, as the snow came down, while the others played in the shadows by the embankment leading to the railway lines.

My job isn't the normal nine to five, and I don't need to go to the office (a basement flat) to work, although I often do. It's kind of cool to have a place to go, and to hang out with some of the witches, wizards and general crazies (not in a bad sense but generally not mainstream) that pass through Viviennes world.

But being as the weather is so unpleasant what with the beast from the east meeting storm emma, I've spend the previous days either at home or relaxing in the crescent moon (name changed).

Still, there is no peace for the wicked, or non est pax impiis in Latin (impiis being in the dative case for those who are interested), and V. phoned me to enquire as to the efficacy of my prosperity spell.

The gist of the conversation (on my part) was that nothing unexpected had happened and I was still broke.

Viviennes reply was that she had decided to give me forty five percent of the online psychic business instead of the twenty five percent originally agreed. Ergo the prosperity spell had functioned correctly.

Obviously, I said that her deciding to give me more of the business proved nothing, as she had done it just to prove that the spell had worked.

Her reply was that there had been an unexpected, material, positive (but secret) change to her business requiring this, which the spell had brought about.

I like V, but honestly, she can be a right witch sometimes.

"Witch by name. Witch by nature." was the text I received after (I can only imagine) V. read this.