The river of souls

Anyone can visit the river of souls, as long as they know how. If you haven't had training or lack power, the easiest way is as you are drifting off too sleep half way between sleep proper and a dreamlike trance. If you are a lucid dreamer, it is even easier. Sometimes too easy.

Do you ever see a figure on the end of the bed when you wake? I do. Sometimes. I then wonder if I return alone.

This particular night, I went to ask for a favour.

I fly high, as high as I can, until down below I see a long dark river, fetid jungle on either side, a long dark river, and as I swoop, I see the familiar temple.

Like many things in life, visiting is easier the second time, and after a while it is a struggle not to go there. Especially in that special place, that dream state, that border, where neither sleep nor wakefullness exists.

The river of souls has always been a meeting place, for the dreamers, the recently departed and long gone.

Or so it seems to me.

It's so real.