Dreams and life mix in the shadowlands

Despite working for a witch due to losing my real job, I am a scientist, and I don't (in general) belive in magic etc (despite the various strange experiences I've had since working for V.).

But, one thing I'm convinced off, for reasons that I'm not going to write here is that we can meet each other in our dreams.

I'm certain I've met people in my dreams, because of the way that they have reacted to me in real life. The circumstances of our dream meetings haven't been ones that can be readily discussed. Can you imagine asking someone "Did you dream about me last night and did we talk about whatever?".

But if I can enter other peoples dreams, or somehow drag them into mine, this rasises the disturbing possibility that I might also be being dragged into other peoples dreams, and not all parts of my dreams are my own.

I decided to ask Vivienne about this.

Anyway, after a certain amount of internal prevarication, I decided to ask V. at our weekly team meeting. Our team meetings always take place on a Thursday in our local pub, consist only of me and V with V drinking bloody mary's and me drinking cider. Normally V bitches about the rest of the coven who meet for a book group, and from what I can gather a monster session on Wednesday, leading to the need for a hair of the dog and sympathetic ear on Thursday. It's not quite the bank, but to be honest I'm more at home in this environment that I ever was poncing around in the city. I think that V. knows this.

So I asked V whether it is possible to meet people in dreams and this is what she said.

"Like duh! Natch. Obv"

Actually, she said nothing of the sort, but I've kind of encapsulated it for you, the gist being that like electricity can travel both ways (it can't but she's a witch not an electrician), so can dreamers, and that accordingly anyone who is dabbling should take the appropriate precautions. It seems that there is also an overlap between dream sharing and scrying. Mirror scrying scares the shit out of me. I'll tell you about it one day, but not yet.

And then, she looked at me with those scary eyes (her eyes can change colour- freaky but true), and said "Who do you meet? Are you taking precautions?"

I was tempted to make a joke of this - or several - but I wanted to know what she meant. You see, despite my scepticism towards magic (apart from scrying), I'm certain that I've met people in dreams. Believe what you want on these pages, but I swear to you all, that scarily this side of things is true for me. Occasionally, I meet people in dreams. I can't control when or who, but I do.

"I always meet people I've seen in real life. It only happens occasionally and at random. What do you mean about precautions ? Magical locks?"

"Don't be stupid"

"Magical wards then??"

"The precautions are mental. You need to learn to sense when a dream is no longer your own, and then you can choose whether to go along, leave or wake up."

Now V. knows that I lucid dream, and she used the analogy that when you are lucid dreaming, you have to learn when you are going in to deep. If you don't do this, you lose awareness that you are in a dream, and are suddenly just dreaming again.

"How do I sense that I'm no longer my own dream?"

V paused, and I realised with a sinking feeling that she doesn't dream like this, and indeed she said "Very very few people can do this, and even fewer ever speak about it".

Well, that I can understand. Back in my days in the bank, and before Pandora dumped me due to a financial misunderstanding and general character flaws (mine not hers apparently), and I'd thought we were soul mates, I'd asked her about whether she ever met people in dreams. She had looked at me with absolute incomprehension. By the way, she isn't really called Pandora, it just seems suitable. Yeah. All the ills of the world etc.

V continued looking at me curiously:

"I don't know anyone who can do this, and has an active dream life, but I know someone you can talk to if you want."

Dream life. I didn't and still don't like the sound of that at all. The last thing that I need is an additional life to manage while I am asleep. I have enough trouble dealing with the one I have during the day.

I downed the remains of my cider.


I haven't had anymore of these experiences for a few days now, and haven't taken V. up on her offer.

Working with V is funny really, as often I feel like I am on the outside looking in as I don't believe in magic etc. I listen to and participate in conversations, and meet characters who make no sense to me. And then I have to consider lucid dreaming, dream meetings, scrying and the others.

The longer I work for her, the less likely I am ever to have a lucrative career in the banking or financial industries again.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry.