What animal eats pears?

I read a post written about animals which eat begonias written as an experiement to prove that the author could rank for the phrase what animal eats begonias .

In the same vein, I wondered whether it would be possible to rank for the similariy obscure phrase: what animal eats pears, using a similar structure on a this very new website.

If you have a pear tree, and the pears are eaten by animals, and you have a simple solution, a comment on the blog attached would be welcome.

Although this post is an experiment, I really have a pear tree in my garden. It produces cooking pears which according to the wiki entry (and I can vouch for this) are only edible after several hours of cooking.

Before researching this page, I already knew that the following animals, birds and other pests like to eat pears:

  • My dog
  • Wasps
  • Birds of all varieties
  • Snails
  • Slugs

Regarding my dog, who is a four legged pear eating fiend, I try and keep him as far away as I can from the pears. He is bad for the pears, and they are bad for him.

According to the strangely named hounds dogs rule site, a dog eating pears will come to no harm. Hmmmm.

After some further research on pear eating animals, I discovered that the following are also a menace to your pear crop:

  • Rodents
  • Deer
  • Primates
  • Bears

Bears! If you have bears in your garden, then you have bigger problems to deal with than who is eating the fruit from your pear tree.

How can I protect my pears?

Once you have got rid of the bears plaguing your garden, the problem can be split into numerous parts.

Firstly, lets consider large animals such as primates, pear eating dear, and how to stop them.

I'm going to suggest a very large fence and netting around the entire tree, which will protect not only the lower level leaves, but also pears which have fallen onto the ground.

Having attempted to put netting around some small plants and trees, I know that this may be difficult to impossible depending on your diy skills and the position of the pear tree.

The netting, which will need to be extremely strong, should also protect the young pears from birds.

Netting is often suggested as a solution to protect fruit trees, but in my experience doesn't make much difference. It doesn't stop squirrels, and birds just peck at the fruit beneath it.

Even if the fruit has some impact on your pear crop, you are still going to have to deal with insects.

There is a reason that insects are so numerous. They are impossible to exterminate. In fact, my entire crop of plums was eaten by wasps this year.

Frankly, even considering the type of animal that eats pears, has left me reeling. I tip my metaphorical hat to you pear growers.

As I nod to the original 'what animal eats begonias' webpage', I've kept the last two words, as they made me smile.

I also hope you discover who or what is eating your pears. For realsies.