Witchy SEO

I work for a witch (strange but true), and as a break from the day job, I wondered if an old school design of website, where I talk about working for a witch, could still be successful in this day and age.

I started writing about my life with V some time back and here are a few words about the Initial site design.

I was initally interested old school SEO and long tail searches which is essentially ranking for terms that no-one searches for such as what animal eats pears?, or the green frog spell:)

Being a Geek, I also like to play with css and javascript on these pages.

SEO for witches

Periodically, I write about my experiences doing SEO for a witch, and these experiences are scattered about this site.

By the way, they are completely mundane, SEO server type experiences. Nothing to do with magic, spells, pixie dust and fairy folk ... I write about the less usual part of my day-2-day elsewhere ...

It's usually obvious whether I'm writing about the SEO side of the business, or the other parts like scrying which bother me from time to time.

Seo for a witch.