Is synchronicity real?

"What if synchronicity is more than a combination of the functions of the law of large numbers and the law of truly large numbers?", I mused this morning.

"What if synchronicity is a thing?", I continued to wonder aloud.

Having worked for V. for several months, I really, really, should've know better.

"Of course it's a thing. Even Jung knew about synchronicty". Vivienne announced from behind me.

"Or a witch needs a programmer with an understanding of SEO and suddenly loses his job through no fault of his own". I thought sourly.

Vivienne smirked, and I could sense the start of a lecture.

As a scientist and programmer, and believer in the rational, at times I find her desire to mentor me irritating. I still hope one day to return to programming in a bank, maybe wear a suit and the nearest dealings with the occult a game of spoof.

"It won't happen you know".

Before I could ask what wouldn't happen, she continued "Now what does synchronicity mean to you?"

"Random events which appear to be connected but which aren't." I replied quickly, and carried on programming.

"Synchronicity is real, and I'm going to prove it." She told me, as if speaking to a recalcitrant child, who was struggling with their mathematics homework.

"Have you ever thought of anyone, at the precise moment that they phone or email you?".

"Yes but ...".

She continued smoothly, "Have you ever heard strangers discussing something that you were just thinking about?".

"Yes but ...".

"And have you ever turned on the television or radio and heaad something that you were thinking about was being the topic?".

I was becoming bored of saying yes, and being interrupted, so maintained a sulky silence.

"And have you ever read something and then it appears everywhere? All these events are examples of synchronicity".

As she paused for breath, I finally managed to say "None of these prove that synchronicity is real. The law of truly large numbers tells us that synchronicity is nothing but conincidence."

"Conincidence doesn't exist." She looked at me pityingly and carried on.

"If you were a real scientist, instead of telling me that synchronicity is nothing but conincidence, you would write down all these events and tell me the chances of them happening at random."

"But no. All you can do is tell me that synchronicity is the product of same number theory. Pah."

"You work here. You know or suspect magic is real, and you are scared of finding out the truth."

Brutal stuff. It was no wonder she was president of the local witches guild.

I have in fact started to notice a startling number of concidences since starting to work here. I'm writing them down as they occur, but I certainly wasn't going to admit that now.

I was saved from further debate by the phone.

"It's Angela. I better deal with this".

Her tone was glacial, and I was guessing there had been bloodied noses at the last coven book group. Most of the witches were establishing an on-line presence, fighting for the same keywords, and treading on each others online toes.

It appeared that todays lesson was over. I returned with some relief to the task of writing the automated

spellcasting for beginners


spellcasting for love

routines for our new server.

It was going to be a flagship members only service with the usual three service levels of service and orices:bronze, silver, and gold, depending on how many spells per month that you need cast, the strength and how much money you want to spend.

I'm just experimening for the moment. It will look a bit like the ones here, but with real witches casting the spells. Not a computer. Obv.

One of the advantages of working for Vivienne is I get a lot of autonomy in the design process, and probably free spell casting.

I can code this stuff with my eyes shut, and again wondered about synchronicity.

Is it possible to explain psychic readings by synchronicity? If synchronicity is real, then can some people (psychics) use this intuition in some way.