Is synchronicity real. Concidences and analysis

Ever since starting to work for Vivienne, concidence has followed concindence, and I've been recording the concidences that happen in my life (newest first).

I'm more and more certain that synchronicity is real, and that random events are often more than just concindence.

But if synchronicity is real, what does that tell us about clairvoyance? Possibly nothing, as linking two tenuous ideas together does not make science ...

1. Mentally used the word 'muppet' and V. seemed to know??.

2. Thinking about client of V. Phone call and dream conincidence.

3. Out walking with a friend, we both thought of the same person at the same time, and later the same place at the same time.

4. Having lost my job in the bank, Vivienne needs an employee with the exact same skillset that I have. I didn't recognise this as a coincidence at the time.

5. Thought about someone I sometimes work with but haven't seen for several months, and saw them an hour later.