Moonface.org allows me to write about my life, weave my tales, tell my stories and maybe tinker and play around the edges.

I work for a priestess, witch, or clairvoyant depending on how you view these things. I am no magician or mage, but perhaps could be called a wizard of the more prosaic variety, or maybe a geek.

I run the internet side of her business. I am interested in SEO which I write about here .

I call her Vivienne (or V) throughout these pages, but that it not her name. She is my mentor and employer.

Mentor because she believes anyone can learn to see behind the veil. The only ability I have shown any aptitude towards (in addition to my paid work), is scrying and that reluctantly, but she continues trying to open my eyes.

I have an open mind about clairvoyancy, but only because of the number synchronous events in my life, and my employment with V.

I have a healthy degree of scepticism towards the other areas in which she, so to speak, has her fingers in magical pies, as you will see if you browse these pages.

Even magical practitioners need someone to take care of the mundane, the real not spiritual world, and in particular most small companies need an internet presence, and that is my job or should I say role.

Even witches, priestesses and psychics need to be connected in this day and age.

My work is interesting, varied, and I don't have to wear a suit or pretend to be something that I'm not. I also get to peek inside a world I didn't know existed, populated by people who wouldn't be out place in fiction.

I prefer it to working in a bank.

Don't fret. V. knows about these pages. Not that she reads them (actually it turns out she does).